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A drift has a starting point and a destination to discover, its orientation is decided at each step by the people who participate and their path takes shape in the process. With the drifts we propose walks without a course set in advance, in which we start from a key of observation of the landscape from which we are shaping the route based on what we find on the way.


Walking is a way of reading the city but also of intervening in it, and with these walks we suggest you look at the urban landscape from other perspectives to write new stories from the experiences that arise along the way.


From the drifts we seek to use the group walk to imagine and practice other ways of making urban spaces our own, escaping from daily impositions. We also seek to think and debate together, but above all, we want to take public space as a place to be and share.


Here you can find the drifts we have carried out so far and access the stories that have emerged from them.

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