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Urban drifts 20/21
Condeduque Contemporary Culture Center

Derivas Urbanas_Condeduque.png

Every month, theurban driftsThey will lead us to explore, imagine and practice other ways of making public space our own. The drift consists of a walk without a course marked out in advance: the walk is shaped according to what is found and the decisions that the group is making at each step. Walking is reading the city, but also a way of intervening in it, and through these walks we propose to look at it from other perspectives, build new stories, rewrite it from the experiences that arise along the way.


We also seek to think, debate together, but above all, we want to take the public space as a place to be and share. Each of the drifts will start from a thematic proposal that allows us to focus our journey around certain aspects of the urban landscape, and these experiences will be recorded through mapping, images and text, composing a log of what has been discovered and walked.

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