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Portada Guía Didáctica.jpg

Guía didáctica. Memorias de las luchas vecinales en Madrid

Proyecto co-financiado por el Ministerio de Presidencia, Relaciones con las Cortes y Memoria Democrática y La Liminal


Tabacalera 3.jpg

City Landscape

In practice. Tabacalera/Educa

Tabacalera Art Promotion

05 - 2020

Territorio. Tabacalera Educa.png

Do the path in reverse

Territory. Tabacalera/Educa

Tabacalera Art Promotion

06 - 2018


The earth under my feet. Walking as a learning tool

Consortium of Museums of the Valencian Community, Red Planea program, Art and Curriculum collection


Texto CYC.png

Stop, look, cross. Rewriting public space through cultural mediation

Culture and Citizenship


15 - 10 - 2019


 Urban ecosystems. Re-writing heritage from diversity

Revista PH 101 From the public to the common good: emergence of other models of cultural heritage management

06 - 2020

Mapa mental.jpg

"Mapping" as an educational strategy


Consortium of Museums of the Valencian Community

05 - 02 - 2019


Urban fabric tailored to its inhabitants. Cigarettes and the tobacco factory

Transversal Landscape Blog

19 - 04 - 2016


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