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Urban Routes

Our urban routes allow us to explore the city from multiple perspectives, observing aspects such as its landscape, its commemorative elements or the design of its streets, to read the stories they tell us and delve into those that are not so visible but are equally present and they must be rescued. 
The process of walking collectively allows us to approach the city from an open dialogue that invites us to share what we know, but above all to reflect and ask ourselves about what we do not know. Thus, these urban routes move through different neighborhoods of Madrid with the intention of using the territory as a basis for reflection and exchange.
Tours are regularly scheduled and are open to all interested parties. We also offer the possibility of doing them with private groups on the date and time requested.

On the other hand, if your group is interested in researching or delving deeper into a topic based on the practice of the urban tour, we can design a tour according to your interests.

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