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La Liminal

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La Liminal is a cultural mediation collective that investigates the city and uses the urban route as a central tool to collectively analyze public space. 


We take the tools that feminisms provide us to propose other readings of the urban landscape, analyze and question the historical, symbolic and identity constructions that make it up, focusing on other stories that have been neglected or invisible over time. This positioning leads us to work with women's stories, but also with others that are not so present in official discourses because they are divergent, such as labor history or that of social movements.


With our actions we seek to generate meeting and exchange contexts from which to collectively analyze the urban landscape and its histories, with proposals that are activated from the strategies of cultural mediation and that take shape in urban tourswalking investigations that cross the path with other disciplines, driftsvisits to exhibition spacestraining workshops and projects aimed at different audiences and communities, as well as professional sectors such as teachers. At the same time we developed a written production from which we seek to reflect on the practice of cultural mediation and its ways of working on the territory. 


The ultimate objective of our work is to generate processes of social transformation from the activation of critical thinking and the construction of alternative discourses that are based on collective learning, facilitating the consolidation of a critical citizenry and committed to the reappropriation of public space as a good. common.


urbanos, investigaciones caminadas que cruzan el recorrido con otras disciplinas, derivas, visitas a espacios expositivos, talleres y proyectos formativos dirigidos a diferentes públicos y comunidades, así como a sectores profesionales como el del profesorado. Paralelamente desarrollamos una producción escrita desde la que buscamos reflexionar sobre la práctica de la mediación cultural y sus formas de trabajo sobre el territorio. 
El objetivo último de nuestro trabajo es generar procesos de transformación social a partir de la activación del pensamiento crítico y la construcción de discursos alternativos que partan del aprendizaje colectivo, facilitando la consolidación de una ciudadanía crítica y comprometida con la reapropiación del espacio público como un bien común.

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