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Liminal drifts

                     "One or more people who give themselves up to drift resign

during a more or less long time to motivations

normal formove or act in their relationships, jobs

and entertainmentto get carried away by solicitations

of the terrainand for the meetings that correspond to it.”


drift theory. Guy Debord (1958)



We love to wander aimlessly, letting ourselves be carried away by what the city offers us when we look at it in a different way. But if there is something that we like even more, it is sharing these walks with people, which is why, between May and November 2018, we launched a cycle of drifts through Madrid.


On these walks we played to look at the city from other perspectives, to build new stories, to rewrite it from the experiences that emerged on the tours, which were oriented on each occasion by a different theme. 

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