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Urban drifts 21/22 
Condeduque Contemporary Culture Center

Pq_Derivas 21.22.jpg

Photography by Lukasz Michalak

Theurban driftscontinue this season with a new cycle of walks that once again form part of the mediation program of the Centro de Cultura  Condeduque Contemporary Culture.

On this occasion, they will be scheduled in alternate months and they propose us to explore some of the neighborhoods that were once towns close to the capital. What remains of that memory? Where are the traces of that moment? How did that origin Has he been able to leave a residue in the place? How has this clash between what was once rural and urban been translated?


With the drifts we propose you to walk from another time and under another type of gaze, activating the body and all its senses and leaving behind the urgencies and imperatives of everyday life. We are moved by the desire to explore with other people, to re-know the city giving everyday life the value of the surprising, to reclaim the streets as places to be. We know where we start from, never where we are going to get to, but does it really matter? We always stay with what happens along the way.

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