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Of voice and voice A walking play
Imagine Madrid / Intermediae Matadero


Photography by Lukasz Michalak

Imagine Madridwas a programIntermediate, promoted by the Department of Culture of the Madrid City Council, from which nine interventions were developed in public spaces in different districts of Madrid. From La Liminal we collaborate with the projectPlantation of memory: a Vicálvaro blog designing and carrying out the great urban tour with which its final presentation was made, the walking play “From voice to voice”. 

The tour collected thememory pills, a series of stories from the neighborhood through the voice of the neighborhood, their memories and experiences, which were crossed with extracts from some of the plays written by ten playwrights based on these stories, some texts that werepublished by Editorial Antígona


With this project we experiment with the intersection between the journey, memory, sensory experience and scenic creation, proposing a walk through the past of Vicálvaro and also through the future projected by the desires of the people who inhabit it.


You can read the report of this experiencehere. 

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