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city. Cityscape Learning Group
Tabacalera Art Promotion

Las Rozas_11_30.03 (1).jpg

The Ciudá group was considered within the program of public activities, curated by Manuela Pedrón Nicolau and Jaime González Cela, from Tabacalera Promoción del Arte, as one of their learning groups which, in this case, took place between the months of May and October 2019. 


At Ciudá we embark on a collective investigation of the urban landscape, observing the space through which we habitually move and using the urban route as the main work tool. Throughout the months we delve into the present and the past of the city, taking Tabacalera as a starting point, from a process in which we also have some guests, such as the artist Patricia Esquivias, or the choreographer and dancer Marian Villanueva, and that was registered in this map

We closed this process with a great urban tour that was designed by the group and graphically recorded by the illustrator Raúl. If you want to download his visual report click here, you can also read more about the tour here, and in this link about the Ciudad program.

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