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Waiting for the Spike with Abel Jaramillo
Hey! Studio


This tour was planned as a presentation of the publicationwait for the spike, with which the artistAbel Jaramillocollected the research process on the memory of Extremadura that he carried out during his residence inHey! Studio.


This walk entered the spaces of the Carabanchel Alto neighborhood following the life story of one of its neighbors, María José Gallego from Extremadura, who led us through the collective memories of the migrant communities of the southern neighborhoods of Madrid, as well as like the history of activism and neighborhood movements that were so important to the development of this city.


With this project we continue to explore the intersection between walking and other practices, in this case, artistic production. Thus, the memory and the oral story, the image and the text, came together in a walk in which we talked about identity and the land, roots and the need to belong, or the creation of new roots from activism and the neighborhood fabric.

Galena Photography

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