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How to rewrite the city?
IV Meeting of Culture and Citizenship


Photography by Antonio Arcaro. Ministry of Culture and Sport

IV Culture and Citizenship Meeting

The IV Culture and Citizenship Meeting revolved around the concepts of education, mediation and public and from La Liminal we participated in its program proposing an activity entitledHow to rewrite the city? 


The proposal proposed an approach to the neighborhoods of Pacífico and Adelfas through readings of their territory generated from different perspectives and positions: those of the neighborhood and agents of these neighborhoods, those of the participants in the Culture and Citizenship meeting, and ours as mediators. Thus, we have the participation of Antonio Colino, a member of theLos Pinos Retiro Sur Neighborhood Association, Joan González, who told us about the projectPacific Open Bridgeand with Elena Eguía from the feminist groupEntangled in the neighborhood 


All these voices brought us reflections on heritage, its legitimacy and activation, the new heritage that citizens can generate and the values they contribute, or the importance of intangible heritage and the symbolic value of spaces, as well as the possibilities that feminisms offer us to consider from new bases other ways of telling history, of understanding and building our public space and, therefore, also our cities. 

You can read more about this debate walkinghere.

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