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Recovering the female memory of Pacífico neighborhood 

The walk through the Pacífico neighborhood is rich in readings from the gender perspective and a good source for criticism of current urbanism.    In the course of this tour we will talk about the monuments that have been constructed in the neighborhood in order to reflect on the figures who have been dedicated a monument or given special recognition within the public space of cities. What makes these significant? What values do they ​​represent? Do we find any women represented?


We will also address the labor origins of the neighborhood from a historical perspective in order to delve into the issue of women's work,  How and for what reasons, women are introduced in a massive way to the workplace?, What does this incorporation into the public sphere entail?    

The care and education of their children was one of the central issues for women workers. What were the pioneering childcare initiatives in Spain?     As a colophon we will end by talking about the pride of this community: the case of the restoration of the barracks of Daoiz and Velarde for the use of citizenship, and by asking ourselves: Does public property belong to everybody? How can we reclaim it?

Duration: 2 hours


If you belong to a group and are interested in doing this tour with us, please contact us and we will send you the details.

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