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We have the night
Condeduque Contemporary Culture Center

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During the months of October and June, and between 2021 and 2022, we traveled around Condeduque looking for the traces of the night, a night that returned after having disappeared for a while, and that confronted us again with a time and spaces that had to be conquered again.

So we returned with the cycle ofwe have the night, a series of urban routes from which we seek to weave a choral account of spaces, experiences and moments that have or have had nightlife as their setting. We did it hand in hand and with the voices of invited people who, over the course of five sessions, immersed us in different faces of this experience in the city.

On this occasion we decided that the memory of what was collected throughout this program would take the format of a sound story that you can access in different ways.HereYou can download the map of this walk through our five sessions, you can also access all the tracks of this report at this link. 

Photography by Jesus Sebastian

These were the sessions of the program:

#oneThe night emergencywith Fino Oyonarte
The end of the dictatorship brought the recovery of the streets as a public space, both during the day and at night, where a whole new culture will begin to take shape. Accompanied by Fino Oyonarte, bassist of Los Enemigos, we walk through the most visible phenomena of this new territory of the night: a space for fun, access to a new musical culture, the use of fashion as a form of expression, and the proliferation of venues where all this involved us, such as La Vía Láctea, where we ended up chatting about all these topics.
#2Night and perception of securitywith Elena Castro Cordoba fromFeminist Ontologies
Tonight we are going to party. We begin to prepare at home and imagine what the night will be like: we have met in court, then we will do the preview in the neighborhood and then we will dance in a club until our bodies can take it. The night promises, but inevitably, along with the ideal, some fears emerge. Hand in hand with Elena, representing Feminist Ontologies, we reflect on the expectations and fears that night awakens, to think of strategies to face them collectively, inspired by some of her projects such asNight Sanctuary,Strolling you downor theprotocol carried out together with Karne Kulture.

#3The hidden face of the nightwith Paco Gomez
Night and darkness are spaces in which what you don't want to see in the day-to-day life of the city dissolves and disappears. It is no coincidence that the garbage, what we want to discard, is collected at night and disappears by the hand of invisible workers, although perhaps sometimes this waste can be rescued and take on a new life... In the company of the photographer and writer Paco Gómez we walk through the story of the Modlin family, whose belongings were thrown into the containers on Calle Pez and became valuable clues from which, in a detective-like manner, their memory was rescued from disappearance and oblivion._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

#4The night as a refuge for diversitywith DiosSa
​Night is often understood as the opposite face of the day, a territory open to other ways of inhabiting the city that have no place in its daytime dynamics, so night has always been a space of refuge for the other, the dissident.
To spend tonight, we changed neighborhoods and went to Chueca, where we met DioSSa, a drag artist, writer, anthropologist, singer... Together with her we walked through the memory of the LGTBIQ+ movement, its impact on the neighborhood and its nightlife , going through some of the refuge spaces that are still standing today and reflecting on the great changes that have occurred in recent years, as well as the challenges that continue to be faced in the future. 
#5becoming nightwith Laura Ramírez Ashbaugh​
The last session of the cycle led us to merge with the night, abandoning the rational and productive use of our bodies. To do this, we enter the world of Serenity rave and open ourselves to explore other forms of movement and communication with the environment, mediated by dance and electronic music, as a collective body connected by the pulse of the beat. After months of chasing the experience of the night, exploring it from different perspectives, in this latest session we immerse ourselves in what takes us to the point of allowing ourselves to lose control. Something that we all knew the moment we occupied the Condeduque patio with our dances and letters, but that we will hardly be able to tell someone who wasn't there.

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