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Cycle back to the city. Urban and visual tours
Dos de Mayo Art Center


Photography by Patricia Nieto

Back to the city. Urban and visual tours was a cycle designed, together with the researcher Víctor Aertsen, for the Cinema program on Sundays of the Dos de Mayo Art Center, between the months of October and December 2020.


The cycle invited to go out to meet the city from the promenade and the cinema after a time of confinement. It proposed to explore the possibilities of the route to submerge ourselves again in the charms of the urban through a double exercise of urban drift. Thus, the three sessions combined walks through the streets of Móstoles with the viewing of documentaries that offered visual tours of the cities of Paris, Liverpool and London. 


With this project we experiment with the confluence between the walk and the observation of the city with a look at the urban unfolded from the cinematographic language, through a series of physical and cinematographic tours that allowed us to walk through the material and social city as a space open to exploration, contact and imagination. 


You can read the report of this cyclehere.

This cycle included the following sessions:

Meeting the community: Landscapes of the everyday

This tour took us through Móstoles following the heartbeat of the daily rhythms through which the life of its inhabitants passes, between the past and the present, in search of those traces of the daily life that tell us about the little stories with which make up the human fabric of this city.


Daguerreotypes. Agnes Varda, 1976

Agnès Varda films the daily life of her street in Paris, rue Daguerre, portraying the routines and prying into the dreams of the neighbors and merchants in her neighborhood.

Walking the memory: The city and memory

From rural villa to commuter town, from town to periphery. The rapid urban development of Móstoles has left layers of history imprinted on the skin of its urban fabric. With this walk we will approach places that speak to us of urban transformations, of collective memories, present and faded, to reflect on the future of the city. 


Of Time and the City. Terence Davies, 2008

At once a love song and a dirge to his hometown, Terence Davies draws on archival images, popular songs, literary quotes and his own memories to narrate what Liverpool was like and has changed from the 1940s to the present day. proposing a very personal journey through the urban and human landscape of the city.

Playful drifts: Reimagining the city

What is the city we want like? Do we need a new city for this new life? Through a drift exercise, we propose you to play with the city to build new stories and turn the urban landscape into a field open to imagination and possibilities.


London. patrick killer, 1994

Patrick Keiller offers a particular visual essay on London in 1992 narrated through the adventures of two former friends who meet again in the city to carry out a series of drifts to decipher the 'London problem' while looking for traces of a long past. halfway between reality and imagination.

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