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Walk, Click, Scroll...
Reina Sofía National Art Center Museum


Image by Raquel G. Ibáñez

walk, click, scroll is a program framed within Other forms of mediation, the line of thought from which the Education Area of the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía investigates mediation as a practice of cultural production. 


The program is developed with a learning group whose objective is to analyze the different contemporary approaches to cultural mediation from three nodes:Walkinvestigates the ways of generating knowledge while walking, from what we have called itinerant mediation,Click,curated bydemuse, explores the field of digital mediation, andDisplace, coordinated by the organizationFelipa Manuela, raises dialogues with professionals from Latin America.

From La Liminal we have curated the nodeWalk, in which we will move through some of the dimensions that cross this practice, exploring what happens between the body, space, movement and stories. For this we will have the participation of different artists and groups that have taken walking as a research and creation strategy.

These are the sessions of the Walking program:

Monday March 28, 2022 - Introductory session with La Liminal 

In the first session of the learning group we dealt with some of the keys to the  use of walking in the analysis of urban space. To do this, we take the drift as a research tool, launching ourselves to explore the city in a random way but letting ourselves be guided by a series of roles that lead us to perceive the spaces we pass through in a different way.


With the collected materials, we proposed an analysis based on the use of the different dimensions that make up the urban landscape in order to get closer to how the different issues that are going to be dealt with throughout the following sessions cross our experience of the territory.


Wednesday March 30 and Thursday March 31, 2022

WorkshopTransit space from the bodywithEsther Rodriguez-Barber

From her work as a performer and choreographer, Esther proposed an approach to the museum space from a perspective that placed the body in the center and understood it as an instrument for collecting different types of information.


Throughout the workshop we learned to listen and observe from a collective body, to be present while we almost disappeared, to stop being the center to become a kind of medium, to ask ourselves about what we think we know and what what we know contributes to us. We do not know…


You can read more about this workshophere. 

Wednesday May 25 and Thursday May 26, 2022WorkshopObserve from the ear, image without imagewithSofia Montenegro

The artist Sofía Montenegro proposed that we approach the landscape by observing from the ear to focus on those senses that are usually neglected due to the centrality of sight. By focusing our attention on the soundscape, images begin to appear that are somehow present but not They are accessible through the view. The potential of this evocation questions us about the places from which these images emerge: memory, magic, desire... and invites us to walk on that fertile line between what we call reality and all those other layers that are also giving it shape.  You can read more about this workshophere.

Monday, September 19 and Tuesday, September 20, 2022
WorkshopUrban plots and subplotswithAuthor Path

This workshop offered us a series of journeys through the history of the Palacio de Cristal and its origin as a pavilion for the Philippine Exposition of 1887, a display of colonial power that led to the staging of a village for which animals, plants and indigenous people were brought from that country. Through the journey and the work with images, we delve into the complexity of the urban fabric to reflect on the concealment processes that occur in the urban story, and on the bases of history and the colonial gaze that are underlying many of the spaces with which we live in the city. 

Monday 24 and Wednesday 26 October, 2022
Workshopcity-fictionwithThe Barbarians

The workshop was led by Los Bárbaros, Javier Hernando and Miguel Rojo, performing arts researchers whose projects address concepts around power, imagination and identity. His work moves between the everyday and the unexpected and poetic, creating spaces for dialogue and diluting the borders between reality and fiction, from projects that move between the theater space, the public space and the museum._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

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