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Travelling through the suburbs

Carabanchel. Cities hidden in the urban network

The suburbs allow us to traverse the city from its outskirts and peer into the kaleidoscope of its spaces and identities.  We initiated a new series of tours on the peripheries of the city that set out to explore these neighborhoods, approaching them as places of possibility to rethink the urban from other perspectives.  

Carabanchel is a territory of multiple layers built in keeping with the rhythm of a changing city that aspired to grow to a global scale.  In this walk we will go over the traces left by these extreme reconstructions in order to see how the idea of the suburbs has been transformed and what its role and potential is in the construction of cities.   


After the series of tours we will make a fanzine about the themes that have arisen during the walks. These will be distributed among the participants.  

Duration: 2 hours


If you belong to a group and are interested in doing this tour with us, please contact us and we will send you the details.

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